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In the Works...

2008-04-10 17:51:21 by Outlaw

Hello to.. uh.. Whoever happens to read this.

I'm working on something extremely random that I want to push out of my system real soon (screenshots below).

Uni on the other hand is keeping me back as I'm swamped in assignments, coursework and exams.

Stress will be the death of me one day T-T

In the Works...

New Site Awesomeage! xD

2007-07-17 18:51:30 by Outlaw


Thought I might leave a post to commemorate the revamping of the site. It certainly is the pure awesomeness :3

Yaysies! xD

On a personal note. I have 2 major animations in the works. I wish to keep details to a minimum for now but as I'll let you know more when the time comes ;)

~~Peace Out